After the strong and miraculous development period of cherry blossom country in the 21st century, this sunrise land has given us a deep and precious concept of their core values are:

Inheriting the above noble values of Japaneses as a foundation, Daizen Group has been gradually building our core values over the past 50 years and continuing to accrete and express them to the community.

Daizen ASEAN is the tenth member of the group and the first company member established in Southeast Asia with the mission of sharing our core values to the community.

From a great combination of over-50-year traditional values in the group and experienced, professionally trained team, Daizen ASEAN will bring high-quality and enviromentally-friendly products to customers in ASEAN community in general and Vietnam in particular. We

  1. Prioritize quality in each product, delicacy and beauty in every detail of designs for our interior decoration projects.
  2. Produce electricity from solar energy power. Environmental friendly technology.
  3. Provide high-tech agricutulral products for consumers
  4. Provide elderly care service with Japanese standards for our clients better and longevous life.
  5. Produce living space for Vietnamese families through Japanese standard house and building projects.